02 October 2011

Icelandic knitted Sweater almost finished!

I am almost ready with my latest Icelandic Sweater. It is really autumnish or how do you say it. The colors is very suitable now when autumn is coming. The only thing I have left on it is to sew underarms, wash it and sew on a zipper. I will use a black zipper for this one.
The Sweater also turned out to be a Large. This means I can not have it myself. It might depend on me being pregnant when I started the sweater. I expected to be finished when I still was pregnant and had a big belly. Other things got in the way.
So now I plan to sell this Sweater in my webshop instead. It is knitted in 3 threads of Plötulopi and it is very warm. It will be perfect now when winter is coming. Perfect now in the autumn too instead of a jacket. When I tried it on inside earlier today I really started to sweat. The thickness is equal to Álafoss Lopi wool or even a little bit thicker.
I really like the pattern by the way. I depicted it myself. I have seen similar leaves or flowers in other sweaters. So that inspired me. I am going to put out the pattern for sale in my webshop later.
This is how the sweater looks like right now:

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