16 August 2008

Knitted dress and lopa peysa (pullover) from May. My pregnancy took over knitting, but now I am back to business!

Now I am back here at my blog after 4,5 months or so. I stopped knitting completely in May. I got pregnant and that resulted in that I lost interest in knitting completely. I also lost interest in playing the guitar, painting, play games and stuff that I use to like. Everything was blown away like the wind. I felt sick of just looking at yarn. Maybe because I constantly felt sick there for a while. It always felt like I was going to throw up but nothing came. And this terrible acid indigestions were not nice. And I was sooo tired, totally exhausted after work. First I went to the sofa, ate some dinner and then straight to bed for a while.
But it got better. Wow, I feel so much better now. Like never before! Well, except for my back pain, which is very annoying at work. Sitting on a chair all day is not that nice for my back.
Sorry about all the complaints! At least I feel good now.

Anyhow, at the knittingclub I started to knit again. Before I was mostly just sitting and wathing the others, but now I actually do something and it is quite fun again.

3 weeks ago I started on my old lopa peysa (a grey one that I started for my self), which I basically started for 4,5 months ago. But I am moslty just knitting once or twice a week at the moment. It comes slowly!
I started the pattern now and it will go in black, blue and white.
I will put in a picture on my progress soon.

Then for about 5 months ago I finished a dress for my self, which I never put out a picture on. I saw it in a store and said to myself: I am going to do that one at home insted of bying it. It was fun just to knit from nothing, no pattern, on my own. Here is a picture of it:

After that I started on a lopa peysa (pullover) for Johan's father. He was about to turn 60 years old. And that went very fast. Johan had to stand model. It was a bit bigger than his own size but it looks really nice on him, I think. It is nice colors:

On Thursday it is knitting club as usual and I will continue on the pattern. Jamie is not longer in the knitting club (moved to Montana) and Ulrika moved back to Sweden long time ago. We are getting fewer. We have to try to recruit some new people.

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