01 October 2008

Grey Icelandic pullover finished plus working on two blankets.

Now I have finished a grey Icelandic pullover (lopapeysa). Or it was actually finished a while ago. But then me and my darling went on holiday for 2 weeks to Seychelles including some days in Sweden too. So I never had time to put in a picture of it before that.

Just at the moment I am washing it so it lies in the bathtub. I should have done that several weeks ago but now when I am pregnant everything goes slower and slower. I do not do anything after work. I am just exhausted and need to rest and go to bed early.

This is how it looks like:

After that I have started ti knit blankets. I bought yarn for a blanket to have in the livingroom sofa and also for a smaller one for our upcoming baby, Olivia :)

I started on our blanket, since the squares are way bigger than for the babyblanket. It goes in green colors since we have a lot of green in our living room. We will se how it ends up. The babyblanket will be in pink and lilac.

You just knit squares and then sew them together in some kind of a way. I'm just at the moment knitting on a beige-white square:

It goes very slow. I use 3mm needles and the yarn is called Smart from Sandnes yarn. But I am no knitting as often now either as I did before I got pregnant. So far I have made 9 squares, which are 22x22 cm. So there is a long way left to go. It is going to be a big blanket that you can have over yourself when it is cold.

I hope it does not take too long time to finish it. I have now just less than 3 months left in my pregnancy and I want to make something nice for the baby to. A dress or something. It is a girl by the way.

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