26 June 2009

Yes, now I am completely done with my skull lopapeysa. It is quite cool. But I actually finished it a while ago. It was just the zipper that took time. I put it aside because I really do not like to sew in the zipper. It is quite boring. But now I am finally done. Yesterday I was outdoors taking photos of Johan in the sweater. It was nice weather, which is not so common here in Iceland. We went to a small beach. Here is a picture:

And here is how it looks like from behind:

And here is with the hood on:

Do you want to buy the pattern and knit it yourself? Here you can buy it for $4.95. It comes in XS-XL.

I am actually satisfied with the sweater. It will be exciting to see what my brother thinks about it. It is for him.

Then I have also started on a beby sweater, a small bright pink Icelandic lopapeysa. It is for a one year old. Olivia is almost like a one year old in size (she is only 6 months). I have almost finished it already. I am working on the pattern now. The arms are attached. I will bring it to Sweden and finish it there. Then Olivia can wear it a cold summerevening. This is how the yarn looks like:

It is called plötulopi and is made of unspun wool. It is the cheapest you can get here in Iceland. It will be a thin and nice sweater for her. Maybe a bit itchy. We will see. I do not have a picture of my work so far. I will put on in when it is finished.

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