20 April 2009

Knitted hat finished and I have started on the sweater (lopapeysa) with skulls in the pattern.

Now I have finished the hat for Olivia. I like it. It is cute. But came out almost to small. But I think she can have it for a while. This is how it looks like from the front:

This is how it looks like from the back:

And then I have started to knit on the icelandic sweater (lopapeysa) with skulls in the pattern. I have not done so much yet but this is how the start looks like:

I have been feeling quite well in my hands the last week so it has been going pretty good with the knitting. During Eastern I was really bad. Had a lot of pain in my hands and was dead tired. Then I did not knit at all.

09 April 2009

The socks finally finished, now it is time for a knitted baby hat and soon to come is a lopapeysa with skulls in the pattern.

Well, now I have finally finished the socks. It has been the most boring project I ever started. And it has taken the longest time ever to make them. I will not do anything like it again. I mean no more socks like that. No, no! Here is a picture of the result:

I got the result from the bloodtest I took by the way and it showed to be rheumatid factor in my blood, which meand I am getting some kind of reumatism. Not fun at all. But I have got another time the 20th of April at a specialist for rheumatism to investigate it more. I really hope I can keep on knitting. I mean that the sickness does not go to far ahead. I heard that some people with rheumatism had to stop knit. I would be so sad if I had to stop. This is one of my best hobbies. After I got the result I did not knit in a week. But finally I finished the socks. The thing is that I get pain in my fingers after too much knitting. It is troublesome. But it goes up and down with the pain. I also have pain in my neck, throat and toes and my feet feel swollen most of the time. It is a little bit better now actually. So I will start something new today.
I am going to start on Olivia's baby hat. I will use this yarn:

We will se how the result becomes. It will be exciting to se since it is a tri color yarn. I will knit with needles 2.5mm. It is a bit small but I am kind of used to it after the socks.

Then I have also sketched a pullover, which I will start on as soon as I can. It is a gift for on of my brothers. Since he is never looking at this page it is safe to mention it. So here is even a picture of the sketch.

I have just recently finished sketching the pattern for it. I think it will look great. It looks really cool. Now I just have to figure out what size I am going to make. Then I can start. I think I have all the yarn at home.

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