28 February 2010

FREE PATTERN AND DESCRIPTION - How to knit a Icelandic Sweater

Here is a description with picturess and text on how to knit a Icelandic Sweater.

This Sweater is for a 4-5 year old.

Wool: Alafoss Lopi 100 g balls: 4+2+1 which means 4 Blue, 2 White and 1 Black.
Needles: Round twin pin knitting needle 4,5 mm and 6 mm, 60 cm
Double pointed needles 4,5 and 6 mm

Tension: 10 x 10 cm measured over stocking stitches (st st) = 13 sts and 18 rows

1. Cast on 80 st with white and twin pin 4,5. Join into a circle. Be sure that your work is not twisted around the needle when you join it.

2. Knit rib (knit 1, purl 1, K1, P1 etc) for 4 cm.

3. When the rib is 4 cm change to twin pin 6 and knit st st. On the same round increase 10 stitches (sts) evenly spaced on the round. It means that you do an increase after every 8th stitch. Totally you have 90 sts.

4. After the rib comes the pattern. Knit according to Chart 1.

5. After the pattern continue in st st until work measures 28 cm.

6. When the body is finished put it aside and continue with the sleeves.


7. Cast on 20 sts on double pointed needles 4,5. Put a marker in the first stitch so you know where the round ends and begins.

8. Join into a circle.

9. Knit rib (K1, P1) for 4 cm. Change to double pointed needles 6 and knit st st. In the same round increase 10 sts evenly spaced. It means that you increase after every second stitch.

10. After the rib comes pattern. Follow Chart 1 again.

11. After the pattern continue in st st with blue and over the next round increase 2 sts. Increase 1 st after the first st of the round and 1 st before the last st of the round. You have total 32 sts. Put a marker in the first stitch.

12. Then increase 2 sts in the same way every 5th round 4 times. Totally you have 40 sts when all increases are done.

Ökning in the picture meand increase.

13. Continue knit with blue and st st until the arm measures 28 cm. Put the 4 last stitches and the 4 first of the next round on a stitch holder or thread for armwhole.

14. Put the first arm on other needels or a thread so you can use the same needles for the next arm if you do not have a extra set of double pointed needles no 6 mm. Knit the next arm in the exact same way.

15. When the body and the sleeves are finished it is time to join everything on one needle. You use the twin pin that holds the body.

16. Knit 37 sts on the body, put 8 sts aside on thread or stitch holder for armwhole, take arm number 1. Have in mind that you put armwhole of arm against armwhole of body.

17. Knit arm 1, which means knit 32 sts on the arm. Knit 37 sts on the body, take aside next 8 sts from the body for armwhole, knit arm 2 (32 sts) and you are at the beginning again. Totally you have 138 sts.

18. The round starts after the first arm. Here is where you start knit your pattern. It is good to put a marker if you are not sure where the first stitch is. Knit one round st st in blue before you start the pattern.

19. Knit pattern according to chart 2. Decrease according to the chart by knitting 2 sts together.

20. After the pattern change to 4,5 mm double pointed needles and knit rib (K1, P1) for 4 cm.

21. After 4 cm rib cast off loosely by casting of with knit over knit and purl over purl. Be sure to cast off looseley. It can be difficult to get the head through the whole.

22. The rib is done and the sweater is almost done.

23. Sew or knit the armwholes sts together. See a description here under finishing:

24. Weave in loose ends, handwash the Sweater in 30 degrees, spin-dry on low rotation speed and let it dry. FINISHED!

05 February 2010

Here comes a picture of the latest knitted Icelandic lopapeysa (sweater) for a 4 year old boy

It was actually 2 weeks since I finished it but I have not had the time to update my blog. But now since I am at home today with my sick daugher I thought that I could put out a picture of the latest lopapeysa. She is just taking a nap.

Here comes a picture of both the kids in their lopapeysas (sweaters), which I of course knitted. The pink one was one of my first lopapeysas that I made. And the blue one is of course the one I just made.

I will soon put out a short description on how to make a lopapeysa.

There is actually a reason why I am not knitting so much at the moment. I went out to buy a fish tank. So I am a bit absorbed in that for the moment. I just bought fishes and can sit and observe them for long long times.
However, I also finished another lopapeysa. It is a small one for my daugher Olivia. I just need to sew in the loose ends, fix the armholes, wash it, buy a zipper and sew in the zipper before I put out a picture of it. That will probably take a while.
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