15 November 2013

I have taken up knitting again after half a year :)

Yes, it has been insanely stressful lately. I now work 75% as teacher for adults and at the same time I study 50% (distance studies) and then also running my business "Islina garn och design" (www.islina.se/en)
There is just no time left for having fun. I also have 2 kids to take care of (3 and 5 years old)

But oh it was so nice to pick up the needles. So relaxing. so fun. It has to be more now.

I knitted a pair of socks for my new darling, who I met last summer. Yes, exactly, I forgot to say that I met a new boyfriend during the summer holiday. So of course I have been busy being inlove to ;)

You can do a lot if your name is Lina :) and if you are in love. High of hormones, asg!

Anyway, I have no pic of my socks and now my new sweetheart has used them a lot. After that I made a pair of mouse slippers for my youngest darling daughter Alva. This is how they look like:

It is a strange color but it was anyhow fun to make them. They are crocheted in 2 threds of Plötulopi.

23 February 2013

Lots of Icelandic knitted hats in 100% wool - nice and warm

Well, it has been a while since I wrote here. The thins is that I have started to teach in high school and I do not have so much time to knit while I do that. It takes a lot of my time right now. But it will be over in 3 weeks actually.

Anyway, I knitted a couple of hats in January but never put put any pictures of all of them. The blue one I already showed but this one I made for a customer. It was cutsom made. He wanted fleece in it too so I sewed that in and it turned out like this:

It fitted perfectly. The customer was very happy and then I was very happy of course :)

After thatI made a few other hats. 2 for my daughters, one for Johan and 2 for sale.The one for Johan is also felted in the washing machine and it shrinked 2 sizes. It turned out really good. Tight and warm (the one on the top row to the left) He of course does not wear it folded.
Morover I have not so much time to knit these days as I said. But I can see the light..oh yes. I see the day coming when I can just knit and knit until my hands are burning. hahah. Or I long for that day. It will come soon. Every other week I will be able to knit very soon. I just don´t know when.

By the way, are you interested in the knitting pattern it will be available for sale in March. Just look in the web shop: www.islina.se/en

26 January 2013

Mittens LOVVIKA in Lopi plus new hat design RUT

I knitted a pair of mittens in Álafoss Lopi from the pattern Lovvika in my net shop. See link to the right for the shop (Islina Garn och Design. Available in english.
These are lady size, black, and were made on a trip back and forth Gothenburg-Linköping. I had some time to knit then. Lovely to be able to knit for a longer time. It happens very seldom these days.

After that I started a new hat design. I really like the result. I just started another one 1 h ago. I just had to take a picuture of this one and show it here. I will call the design RUT and will put the pattern out for sale in my web shop later. You can say it is both Icelandic and Swedish (if you choose these colors)

This one fitted my daughter. But she wants a pink one, so I have to do a pink one too later. First however, I have to finish one more blue for a customer.

I also finished another seating cushion a while ago. But I did not like it so much. I have to increase less around the round. It is not as straight as I like it to be after felting. I did not even take a picture afterwards. I will continue with another one soon.
Time to sit down in the sofa, knit a bit and watch a movie.

09 January 2013

The progress in knitting during the holiday!

I had some knitting and crocheting done over the holiday. But more crocheting actually. I just haven't updated my blog in a long time.

I found an old project in the wardrobe. Something I must have started when Olivia was a baby. She is now 4 years old. I intended to crochet a bedspread for her baby bed. But now it will have to be a bedspread for her big girl bed instead.

So I just have to crochet a bit more squares. I have almost done 100. But sadly the pink color yarn is soon finished. I hope all the squares will be enought to make the bedspread. This is how they look like now:

Then I have crocheted a bit more even. I tried to do a felted seat cushion. The first one did not become round, more like a hexagon lol. Then I made another one and I had of course figured out to make it round. And that one also became a pattern, which I will put out in my webshop later. It is quite easy to figure it out, I know. But for the people, who do not want to figure it out it can be good to just buy the pattern for a small sum.

Here to the left is the second sitting cushion before felting in the washing machine. Below is the sitting cushion after felting. It acutally made a quite big difference. 20 % shrinkage.

The front page of the pattern is not the best but it is OK.

 I also finished the sailing boat sweater before Christmas. It went so slowly forward with that one. I was somehow a bit boored. It goes up and down with the knittng sometimes. I never got to the part where I took out my sewing machine to sew in the zipper. But at last I made it. Here is the result:

The difference from the first sailing boat sweater is the lower edge of the body. It is made in navy blue instead of light blue.

What is going on right now in knitting is another seating cushion. I figured out another way to do it faster and I am trying 2 threads of Plötulopi instead of 3 threads together.

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