20 September 2011

It goes slowly forward with my Icelandic sweather

I have not been very active here on my blog recently. But that depends on my very active work with my new webshop instead. I have been totally in to that.
I have not knitted much at all and really miss sitting down and knit for a long time. There is so many things I want to do. I get ideas almost every day. I wish I had more time.
Time just flies. Think about the time you were young and went to school. Then I at least thought that i had a lot of time. Time went so slowly forward. I wondered what to do next. Now I am wondering how I can do all the things I want to do. How will I have time and when will I be able to sit down and do nothing? Maybe in about 15 years when the kids are older.
Anyway, it is not that much left to knit on my latest Icelandic sweater in 3 threads of plötulopi. It is only the yoke pattern left. After that I just have to decide if I want a zipper or buttons.
This is how the work looks like now:

02 September 2011

I have finally launched my webshop - Islina Garn och Design -

Now it is finally launched on the Internet, my webshop ISLINA GARN OCH DESIGN (translation: Islina yarn and design). It took forever but that is how it is when you are a mother of 2 children and at home with them.

Here is the webaddress:


Both should work. It comes in english too. Just click the english flag up in the right hand corner when you are in the shop. Or this link should work: http://islina.se/en

So far I have only yarn, books, patterns and one home knitted sweater for sale. It will expand soon. I just have to order some accessories like needles and pins. I am also going to put up one or two more hand knitted sweaters for sale.

You guys, who reads this and goes in to have a look in my shop, please give me feedback. It would be nice to hear what you think about it.

There is still a lot to fix there. I have to change the pictures to make them more professional.

Yesterday, by the way, I was outdoors with my daughers and my camera. So I had to take a picture of my youngest daughter in her little Lopapeysa (Icelandic sweater). She is now 8,5 months old. It is made in Alafoss Lopi. I just have to put out a picture:

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