09 April 2012

Two new knitted Dog Sweaters finished - I am not completely satisfied

I finished the 3rd dog sweater, which I started last Month and then I made one more. Here is the picture of dog sweater number 3:
I like it a bit. Not completely. What I still do not like is the figures in the middle of the pattern. And the collar might have gotten a bit too long. I wanted to try something new. However, the ribbing around the stomach I like a lot. That ribbing will definitely be in the final pattern, which I will put in my webshop. In the 4th dog sweater I made the same kind of ribbing, just a bit broader and I also changed color. Wanted to see how it looked like with contrast. Then I also tried to put in something else in the middel of the pattern. I am not that satisfied with it. People, who like big contrasts might like it. This is how it looks like:
Since I am not completely satisfied with my design I have to do another one. I will start it today. I was thinking about putting in dpg bones in the middle of the pattern. I will try that. And I will go with the white ribbing. Not a contrasting color. I might try a light grey to the body. We will see.

07 April 2012

Wristwarmers - Fingerless mittens - mitts - Knitted in Einband

I realized in the end of March that I needed to have a pattern of the Month for April. And I decided to make a new one myself in Einband. I ended up in making wristwarmers or fingerless mitts in Einband - lace weight wool. I had to put my dog sweaters aside for a while.

I took the pattern straight from my head. Or I knew that I wanted flowers or leaves or something like that. So I sketched it up in Excel, printed it out and started to knit after my own hand. But oops I did not like the outcome. The wristwarmer was not too good. It was too long, the thumb was to far down and the ribbing was kind of loose. I was not too happy about it. This is how it looked like when it was finished.

After that I changed the pattern a bit. I put the thumb in the right place and made the pattern piece shorter. I like it a lot more. So I decided it to be the free pattern of the Month in my webshop. ATH! Only for customers who pay in advance. They will get the pattern for free. This is how the second wristwarmer looked like when it was finished:

After that I wanted to try another color than red too so I made short wristwarmers in black and lime green. They turned out really nice too:

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