02 January 2010

Pink Icelandic knitted lopapeysa (sweater), knitted baby blanket and a knitted hat

Here is finally another contribution. It was a long time ago I wrote something on my blog. December has been quite hectic. But now it is better. I am relaxing in the sofa tonight. Olivia (my daughter) has turned 1 years old too (30th of December). We had a small birthday party.

I finished my pinkish lopapeysa (Icelandic sweater). I guess it is quite nice. Could have changed a few things and it is a bit too long. I do not know what I was thinking when I knitted it. Maybe I forgot to stop knit. My sister got it as a birtday gift. But it has not arrived yet, which is really sad since I sent it 3 weeks ago. So we will see if she likes it as soon as it arrives. I tried it on myself and this is how it looks like.

After that I finished a baby blanket for my sister's newborn daughter Wilma. She was born 6th of December. It has of course not arrived either since it is in the same parcel as the lopapeysa above. We will see if they like it.

After that I quickly knitted a hat in lopi yarn just using a pattern in my head. But it was not that nice. Maybe it will come to use one day.

On the needles right now is a start of a lettlopapeysa (or Icelandic knitted sweater in léttlopi yarn) for my darling Johan. I intended to finish it for Christmas but I had to little time for it. It takes very long time with needles 4. I have just started on the pattern. The first part (body and arms) took forever. It was only in black with no pattern. The pattern will go in light brown, redish brown and green. Maybe it sounds weird but I like the result so far. I depicted the pattern myself before I started. A picture is coming soon.

Someone also asked me about instructions on how to knit a Icelandic sweater so why not put out a whole description with pictures and text. My next project after this lettlopapeysa I am doing is a lopapeysa for a 3 year old boy. I will take a lot of pictures and put them out here with the exact description of how it is done. For example how you put the body and arms together and start on the pattern.
It may take a while until it comes out here but it will come out.

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Anonymous said...

Nice! I am waiting for the pictures! How do I knit the arms to the body? Thank you

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