26 October 2011

It starts to look like a sweater now - a Icelandic sweater with a hood

Yes, it is finally starting to look like something here. The sweater I am making for a customer. I have knitted a bit on the pattern and still have a bit to go before the hood. As it looks like now I like it a lot. I hope the person, who will get the sweater will be satisfied.
I am thinking about knitting one like this for my self later. I actually do not have a Icelandic sweater with a hood.

24 October 2011

Video - How to knit a Icelandic Sweater

I have made a short movie on how to knit a Icelandic Sweater. Actually I recorderd the film clips in 2009 when we still lived in Iceland. Then I never came to do anything with the clips. But now finally I have put them all together with speach and text. I hope you like it. It is quite long.
But for those, who has never knitted a Icelandic sweater and would like to should definitley be able to knit one just watching the video. should Jag har satt ihop en video om hur man stickar en isländsk tröja.

The pattern can be found in one of my earlier blog contributions

It is also possible to download the pattern as a PDF-file for free in my webshop. Look under patterns on PDF.


23 October 2011

Two pink knitted Icelandic Hats finished!

I have finished 2 pink hats for my daughters. The first one I made was a bit too big for my oldest daugher Olivia, I thought. At least when we tried it on. So I started another one with the same pink yarn. I could actually do 2 hats from one hank of Álafoss Lopi yarn. But of course I needed the other colors too.
When I was done with both hats I prepared some fleece fabric to sew in. When the fabric was sewed in the hats was of course smaller than before. So now the first hat was perfect for Olivia. The second hat was just too tight she thought. So I am giving the second hat to my youngest daughter, Alva (10 months old).
So now both my daughters have warm and cosy hats this winter. They are however too warm to have outside now. Olivia almost freaked out when I tried it on inside. Tooooo warm she said.

This is how the first hat looks like:

The inside of the hat:

And here we have the second hat. The smaller one with one color less in the pattern.

Besides that I am of course knitting the white Icelandic sweater. Yesterday I joined body and sleeves together and now it is time to knit the pattern. That is the fun part.

14 October 2011

Icelandic knitted hat

Today I finished the Icelandic hat. However, something that I did not thought about was that when I had crocheted 2 rounds around the edges the hat became longer. So next time I have to bear that in mind and decrease 2-3 rounds on the hat instead. It is still very nice. I made the pattern by looking at a old hat I bought in Iceland 5 years ago. It was easy to see how they made it.
I like it with the earflaps. It is incredibly warm and comfortable. It is good to be able to tie it under your chin. The warmth stays inside and it does not blow away in the wind. (The wind in Iceland can be really strong)

13 October 2011

3 semi-finished Icelandic projects

I have of course started new projects since the latest Icelandic sweater was finished. For a while ago I started a Icelandic sweater in Álafoss Lopi, which a customer has ordered. It will be a white one with grey and black in the pattern and a hood. It will be interesting to see the result since I am making the pattern after the customer’s wish. So far the body is made:

I also got a whimsical idea to make a Icelandic hat in Álafoss Lopi and it actually turned out really nice. I like it a lot. I will put it out for sale when it is finished. I have jut washed it and it is not completely dry. I just need to sew together the inner lining fabric, which will be fleece. Then I need to crochet an edge and also crochet 2 cords to be able to fasten the hat under the chin. The result will be a very warm and nice hat.
Here is a picture of it almost finished:

Yesterday I also had the first knitting night. It was nice to finally start with it. Now I have more time to knit to when almost all the work with my web shop is done. I got a lot done yesterday evening. After I finished the body of the Icelandic sweater I continued with a hat for my daughter. She saw me knitting the dark grey hat above and she asked me if I could not do the same for her but in pink. Of course I can. I only made the ear flaps and a little bit further. But it goes quick if I just get the time.
I really like the pink color of the yarn. It is Álafoss Lopi, which I bought in Iceland at the store Álafoss in Mosfellsbaer before we moved to Sweden. It was a color the usually do not have in the assortment so I had to buy all they had (6 balls).

09 October 2011

Have been out taking some pictures of the new Icelandic Sweater - "AUTUMN LEAVES"

I sewed in a black zipper yesterday and before that I of course washed the sweater. So this morning or before lunch we went out to shot some quick pictures. It is autumn here and it looks really like a autumn sweater. I got a few good pictures, which I will use in the coming pattern for sale. I will just call the sweater "HÖSTLÖV" in swedish, which is the same as autumn leaves.
The sweater itseld is too big for me and i have in the pictures tried to pull it in, in the back. I will put it out for sale in my webshop (www.islina.se/en) right after I written this blog contribution. It feels good that it is finally done.
Here is a picture:

UPDATE: The knitting pattern is available for sale as PDF-file in my webshop (IN ENGLISH). Just follow the link below:

02 October 2011

Icelandic knitted Sweater almost finished!

I am almost ready with my latest Icelandic Sweater. It is really autumnish or how do you say it. The colors is very suitable now when autumn is coming. The only thing I have left on it is to sew underarms, wash it and sew on a zipper. I will use a black zipper for this one.
The Sweater also turned out to be a Large. This means I can not have it myself. It might depend on me being pregnant when I started the sweater. I expected to be finished when I still was pregnant and had a big belly. Other things got in the way.
So now I plan to sell this Sweater in my webshop instead. It is knitted in 3 threads of Plötulopi and it is very warm. It will be perfect now when winter is coming. Perfect now in the autumn too instead of a jacket. When I tried it on inside earlier today I really started to sweat. The thickness is equal to Álafoss Lopi wool or even a little bit thicker.
I really like the pattern by the way. I depicted it myself. I have seen similar leaves or flowers in other sweaters. So that inspired me. I am going to put out the pattern for sale in my webshop later.
This is how the sweater looks like right now:

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