17 December 2010

Moved to Sweden - 39 weeks pregnant - started to knit again yesterday

Well, I am back with my blog. There has been a little break. There has just not been any time for me to knit or blog (and no energy) since we moved from Iceland to Sweden. But yesterday I started to knit again. Before that last time I knitted was in Iceland before we left. And that was in the end of October so it is a while ago. Then I finished the Icelandic Sweater for the German guy. But I never managed to put out a picture here. So below is a picture. And when we arrived to Sweden it was way to much other things to fix. And being pregnant at the same time was difficult. I have been feeling sick. I was stressed, had contractions, extremely tired, back pain and pelvic pain (or what it is called). And then I got diagnoses with hypothyroidism and got medicine for that. So it has not been easy. I thought for a while that the baby was going to arrive early. But it is still in the womb. Now after 1,5 months we have finally got it together here in the apartment. Just a little bit left. It has not been fun. But now I can finally rest. I have had some days of relaxation. Been sleeping a lot and have been taking it easy. I need to be rested before the delivery. I am in the 39:th week of my pregnancy so it can happen any time now.

And now I have finally gotten in to knitting again and it is fun. I started a Icelandic Sweater for myself in Iceland so I just continued where I left it yesterday. I will soon put out a picture. It will be more or less the same pattern as the sweater for the German guy. Just in other colors and in 3 threads instead of 4. Here below is a picture of his Sweater by the way. Johan had to stand model. But it is not washed yet. So I have to do that and try to get in touch with the German guy so he can get it. It is very difficult to get contact with him.

I made up the pattern myself. Just need to write it down and make a nice patternsheet and then I can sell it if anyone is interested. It is a very warm sweater. The warmest I have made. But that is nice when it is very cold like it can be in north Sweden. Around -40 degrees Celsius is not fun to be out in for example.

Anyway, I hope I will have more time to knit now. But then when the baby arrives I will of course not have so much time as I want. I will probably never be able to knit so much as I did before the first child arrived. I will of course be home with 2 kids now next year. But anyhow, I will try to start a new knitting group.
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