13 October 2011

3 semi-finished Icelandic projects

I have of course started new projects since the latest Icelandic sweater was finished. For a while ago I started a Icelandic sweater in Álafoss Lopi, which a customer has ordered. It will be a white one with grey and black in the pattern and a hood. It will be interesting to see the result since I am making the pattern after the customer’s wish. So far the body is made:

I also got a whimsical idea to make a Icelandic hat in Álafoss Lopi and it actually turned out really nice. I like it a lot. I will put it out for sale when it is finished. I have jut washed it and it is not completely dry. I just need to sew together the inner lining fabric, which will be fleece. Then I need to crochet an edge and also crochet 2 cords to be able to fasten the hat under the chin. The result will be a very warm and nice hat.
Here is a picture of it almost finished:

Yesterday I also had the first knitting night. It was nice to finally start with it. Now I have more time to knit to when almost all the work with my web shop is done. I got a lot done yesterday evening. After I finished the body of the Icelandic sweater I continued with a hat for my daughter. She saw me knitting the dark grey hat above and she asked me if I could not do the same for her but in pink. Of course I can. I only made the ear flaps and a little bit further. But it goes quick if I just get the time.
I really like the pink color of the yarn. It is Álafoss Lopi, which I bought in Iceland at the store Álafoss in Mosfellsbaer before we moved to Sweden. It was a color the usually do not have in the assortment so I had to buy all they had (6 balls).

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