20 April 2010

Olivia's knitted pinwheel sweater is finished!

It went slowly forward with the sweater in the end. It took longer time than expected. I have not knitted more than a couple of days per week either. The sweater turned out a bit big on Olivia. I guess she will have to wait a little while. Maybe until she is 3 or something. Here is how it looks like now at least:

Here is another picture of just the sweater:

I got some yarnovers from the sweater so now I am knitting a little hat for Olivia too. Then I will have to start something new. I wonder what. I am thinking about something white for myself. ....until I have to start on the german project.

10 April 2010

Olivia's little Icelandic "farmers market" sweater finally completed!

Yes, now I have finally sewed in the buttons. I did it last Thursday at knitting night. So now the cute little sweater is finally finished. It fitted perfectly. Now me and Olivia can go together with matching sweaters. Funny!

Here is a picture:

And here is a picture of us both in our sweaters (lopapeysur, in Icelandic)

But with Olivia's pinwheel sweater it goes slowly forward. It takes longer time than I imagined. It is also getting bigger than I imagined. But it says that it is going to fit a 6 months old baby up to a 5 year old girl. We will see if I can finish it this weekend.

02 April 2010

NEW BIG PROJECT on its way and something in between (PINWHEEL SWEATER for baby)

I got an order of a whole set of Icelandic knitted clothes. Everything in 100% Icelandic wool. It is going to be a knitted sweater (lopapeysa), a pair of knitted trousers, 2 knitted hats, a knitted scarf, mittens and a knitted T-shirts (or West).

It was a german guy, who was her last autumn, who wanted all of this. He said it was ok if it took some time. I guess about a year was fine for all of the stuff. Now, I was thinking about starting the project. Sure, maybe I do some other small things in between too. Something for me and Olivia. Sometimes I feel like having 2 differnt project so I can alternate a bit.

But first he wanted me to knit a testpiece and send him. Just so he could see that the colors and the thickness was ok for him. He wanted it really thick and warm so I am doing it in 4 threads of plötulopi, which is unspun plates of wool. I have already knitted the testpiece. What is left is to send it, which I will do as soon as possible. It looks like this:

But since I can not start with his stuff until he accepts the testpiece I started with something else in the meantime. I am doing a small pinwheel sweater for my darling Olivia. It is just knitted in one piece on the round.

I goes quite quickly and I have knitted quite a lot already. I actually have some pain in my fingers now so maybe I need to slow down a bit. But I feel like knitting now durint Eastern. I have a bad cold too so I will not go out now. Johan was outside playing with Olivia today and I was lying in the couch knitting. Here is how the work looks like right now:

And I also have to tell you about the other day when I went in to a store I usually not go in to often. They have a lot of bad quality wool there but I buy there sometimes. The do not have Icelandic yarn. Anyway, I saw a really nice multi-colored yarn. I just had to buy some balls. So nice colors. I will definitely do something for myself in that yarn. I bought enough for a sweater. So we will se what kind of sweater I will do. That will be later. Here is how it looks like:

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