11 June 2011

Send wool - how do you want your package of wool sent?

Well, I was thinking about asking a question here on my blog. I am sitting here and wondering how I am going to send the wool and Sweaters I am going to sell in my webshop. And it is difficult to know with so many options. Almost all of the options are so expensive too.

It would be interesting to here from you people buying wool and stuff how you would like it shipped/sent to you? In a packet/box, or is it ok in a mailing bag?

I have a suggestion that I fancy. I was thinking about sending products in pink polyetehen bags (recyclable). I would be really happy if anyone could leave a comment and say what you would like. Do you rather want a packet/box? Or is it ok with mailing bags? It so much more expensive with boxes. Here is how the bag looks like:

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