25 June 2010

I am pregnant and have been too sick to be able to knit

Yes, I thought it was about time to tell the world now that I am pregnant. I have gone 13 weeks and 2 days so far. And I have been feeling really sick since week 6. I have just not been able to knit. I have been having morning sickness and constantly been feeling sick during the day. Not been able to eat much, I lost weight and I have been extremely tired. I have gone to bed at around 8 every evening.
But now I have finally started to feel better. I have taken up my needles again. Or I took up the crochet hook actually and continued to crochet on a blanket, which I started last Summer.
So now I think I will be a bit more active with my knitting again.
It has been a bit weird. I have not even been able to look at the wool without feeling sick. But it gets better and better. I am finally in the second trimester, which is the best one. And I know that since this is my second pregancy.

I hope for a boy this time so I can knit some boy-things. But a girl is as good too. Olivia will probaly be best friend with her babysister if she gets one. We will see.

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