03 November 2009

Black/white/pink Icelandic sweater (lopapeysa) finished!

Now I have finally sewed in the zipper in my lopapeysa (Icelandic sweater). It actually turned out really nice. The sweater itself is a bit unevenly knitted but I like it. I used 2 threads of plötu lopi (as it is called here in Iceland). Plötu lopi is non-spun and non-treated 100% wool. And it is very breakable. I knitted with needles no 5 (mm).

Here comes a picture of the result. It is kind of cool with a zipper on the side. It is absolutely easier to drag it over your head with a zipper there. It does not ruin the hairdressing for example. And then the pattern on each side on the zipper really come together. Sometimes it is difficult to get it right. I am not a pro.

And here is a picture of just the pattern and the zipper:

My next project, which I already started is a lettlopi sweater for my boyfriend. I made my own pattern and started to knit. The ground-color is black. It will be interesting to see the result. To see how the colors will match up together.

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