30 November 2007

Latest Icelandic Sweaters!

Now I have finally washed all three kid lopapeysur (sweaters) that I made. And I also finished my own size sweater, a white one with brown and black in it. They have just dried and it took 3 days, which I think is quite long time. Especially if you want to continue sewing in the zippers. I just took some pictures of them. Now I just need to buy the zippers too before I can start with that. IIh, that is the most boring thing to do, because it is not the easiest thing.

I like the white child sweater the most. It was made by using plötulopi (unspun yarn). It looks so nice. But it was a bit difficult to knit with that yarn because it has a tendency to break all the time until you learn how to do it. Now I’m always gentlem knitting with that. The plus with it is that it is much cheaper than lopi or läettlopi. One plate costs 250 ISK, which should be as much as one ball of lopi, which costs 350 ISK. But it depends on where you buy it. I often buy it in Hagkaup, which is more expensive than the handknitters store or Álafoss (I think one lopi ball costs 300 ISK there and maybe 200 ISK for the plate then).

With plötulopi you will also get a thinner sweater than with lopi, but it feel thicke than léttlopi. So it is something in between. And plötulopi is not as itchy as léttlopi, I think. The white one turned out like this:

And I'm also quite satisfied with Erics lopapeysa (Johan’s nephew). It is a Christmas gift. I just need to put in the zipper and it is done:

Then we have the third child lopapeysa, which I just came up with myself. Sort of. I saw one pattern and changed it completely. But I regret that I did not do white all the way up to the trinangles and pink all the way down in the trinangels if you know what I mean. Now it looks like a straight line between white and pink. But I think it looks nice anyway. I like the colors.

And then we have my own sweater. I'm really pleased with it. I decreased to needles 5mm . Usually I knit with 6 mm. So it was quite dense. Tightly knitted. Maybe I knitted harder than before. Strange! And I also used two different pattens and mixed them together to make a new style. But maybe it's to much pattern. I´m not sure. But it's nice anyway. I'm thinking that I might give it away as a Christmas present. This is how it looks like:

Now the tricky part is left. To sew in all the zippers. It can be hard to make it look good. I´m going out shopping some zippers tomorrow.

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Jamie said...

Thanks for writing in English for those of us who don't quite have their Swedish perfected;-)

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