27 September 2010

Two different project on the needles - One Icelandic Sweater and one Polo-neck Sweater

I am now working on two different projects. It was sale on normal wool (not Icelandic) in Europris (a retail store) so I went down there and had a look. I came out with wool for a turtleneck sweater for myself. I have been thinking about doing one in just these colors that they had and also this thickness of wool. So I started immediately. Here is a sneak peak:

Before that I started the German guy's Icelandic Sweater in 4 threads of plötulopi. But it goes slow. Maybe because I have not heard from him yet. This is how little I have done:

And now it is only two weeks left until all our furntiture is about to be shipped to Sweden. So then we are standing in an empty appartment. But we will live somewhere else. After those two weeks I will at least have time to knit in the evening since there will be nothing else do to then. Being with Olivia until she falls asleep and then maybe knit and go to sleep myself. I am very tired these days in my pregnancy.

Here is a picture of Olivia's pink Icelandic Sweater (lopapeysa), which I knitted a while ago:

13 September 2010

Pink knitted Icelandic Sweater (Pullover) for a 2-3 years old

I finished this sweater during our holiday in July except the button edge in the front. So about 3 weeks ago I finally bought buttons and 2 weeks ago I sewed them on. And then I have washed it to of course. It just took a while to get out a picture here. I need to take som pictures on the sweater itself too. Not just Olivia wearing it.

Everything goes slow now. Or it is actually more like time is short. We have too much going on. In the end of next Month we are moving from Iceland to Sweden, which is a big move. We are shipping all our stuff including the car in a container. Need to pack everything first and that is not moving aling at the moment. Planning and fixing is taking all the time now. And then I started to get pelivic pain. I need to avoid carrying around and lifting Olivia now, which is very difficult. She also started daycare and is wilder than ever when she comes home.

Anyway, the sweater looks nice. It is a bit big on Olivia but she can grow in it. It is knitted in 2 threads of Icelandic plötulopi wool. It probably fits a 2-3 year old.

This is how it looks like:

I was thinking about putting out the pattern for sale in a near future ,since I have made the pattern myself. If anyone is interested just contact me on my email.

Now I have also started to knit a Icelandic Sweater for the german guy that I was talking about earlier in my blog. I have not heard any response but since I am moving very soon I need to start it before it is not even possible anymore. I need to buy all the wool now or never. At the moment it will just be a sweater. We will see if I get a response soon.

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