15 August 2015

Finishing a old project

I found a project that I started several years ago but never finished. Somehow it never came to an end. I just couldn't do it. Now however, I feel the urge to finish it. I am really in mood so to say. 
So I have started crocheting  the squares together. It is supposed to be a blanket when it's finished.

13 August 2015

New pattern in English and Swedish - VITSIPPA

I designed this pattern long time ago but never finsihed the sizes. Now it is all finished in both Swedish and English and can be bought as a PDF, sent by e-mail.

I call it VITSIPPA, which means Wood anemone in Swedish.

Find it here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/14---vitsippa---icelandic-cardigan

or here: http://islina.se/en/products/patterns/patterns-on-pdf-file/pattern-vitsippa-icelandic-knitted-sweater-in-alafoss-lopi.html

11 August 2015

A few new patterns!

I translated a few new patterns to Swedish from my distributor of patternsbooks in English and Icelandic.
Look in my webshop for patterns :www.islina.se/en

A few of them I would really like to knit myself.

This cosy sweater for example:

Then we have this sweater, which I like:

The sweater for guys is also translated. A real wiking sweater.

This week I am working with patterns only. So there will be a lot done finally.
Next week it is back to reality, which is 100% studies and 50 % work as a teacher in addition to work with my webshop. I have a lot going on, that is for sure.
I need to study for one more year, then I Think I am finished. I hope so.

06 November 2014

I decided to order Bulkylopi yarn

I decided to try out Bulkylopi in my webshop. It is a superbulky and thick yarn made of 100% pure new wool. Very warm and cosy to have in caps,beanies and scarfs. I have not seen it for sale i any shop hera around in Sweden. .
We will see if there is interest, then I will order more of it. This is how the hanks looks like:

22 March 2014

Knitted sweater with oars and fishes finished!

I started this sweater over a year ago. It has just been lying. But now I finally finished it. It was a customer who ordered a custom made design for her daugher who is a rower.

So  here is a picture of it finally. The color is not the nicest. but it´s ok:
Do you like the pattern you can buy it in my webshop as a PDF  and knit it up yourself: Just choose english in the top right corner.

07 March 2014

Mouse slippers for 8 year old

I crocheted these slippers 1 month ago but I never put out a picture of them. They were for my new boyfriends' daughter. She is 8 years old.
She liked them :) She is running around in them in the morning sometimes. This is how they look before you put them in the washing machine to get a more felted feeling:

At the moment I don't do much related to knitting. I just knit now and then since I have too much work at the school for adults and at the same time my studies takes a lot of time (50% distance studies)

 I really long for the time when I can sit and design patterns again and knit after them. I will be finished with my studies in 1 year and 3 months. Time goes really slow. After that I will finally have the evening free. No more reading in the course books, just knit and smile :)

13 January 2014

I have knitted a pair of socks for a 10 year old

Pew, I think it is lovely that December is over. I had too much going on. It was too much work. I hardly could make it.  But I did.
This year - the year 2014 will the best year in my life. :)
I have found the love of my love and love him so unbelievable much (the same goes for him :) ) And I have also found myself and feel good about myself. 

Anyway, I knitted a pair of wool socks for my darlings' son, who is 10 years old. They look like this:

I used my own pattern for sale of course, which is RAGGARE and can be found in my webshop www.islina.se/en

Next thing to do is a sweater for a dog but I am also making slippers for my darlings' daughter too. Mouse slippers. She is 8 years old.

It goes slowly forward since I do not have so much time. But when I knit I enjoy it. It is relaxing sometimes in this stressful time I'm living in.

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