24 October 2011

Video - How to knit a Icelandic Sweater

I have made a short movie on how to knit a Icelandic Sweater. Actually I recorderd the film clips in 2009 when we still lived in Iceland. Then I never came to do anything with the clips. But now finally I have put them all together with speach and text. I hope you like it. It is quite long.
But for those, who has never knitted a Icelandic sweater and would like to should definitley be able to knit one just watching the video. should Jag har satt ihop en video om hur man stickar en isländsk tröja.

The pattern can be found in one of my earlier blog contributions

It is also possible to download the pattern as a PDF-file for free in my webshop. Look under patterns on PDF.


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