23 October 2011

Two pink knitted Icelandic Hats finished!

I have finished 2 pink hats for my daughters. The first one I made was a bit too big for my oldest daugher Olivia, I thought. At least when we tried it on. So I started another one with the same pink yarn. I could actually do 2 hats from one hank of Álafoss Lopi yarn. But of course I needed the other colors too.
When I was done with both hats I prepared some fleece fabric to sew in. When the fabric was sewed in the hats was of course smaller than before. So now the first hat was perfect for Olivia. The second hat was just too tight she thought. So I am giving the second hat to my youngest daughter, Alva (10 months old).
So now both my daughters have warm and cosy hats this winter. They are however too warm to have outside now. Olivia almost freaked out when I tried it on inside. Tooooo warm she said.

This is how the first hat looks like:

The inside of the hat:

And here we have the second hat. The smaller one with one color less in the pattern.

Besides that I am of course knitting the white Icelandic sweater. Yesterday I joined body and sleeves together and now it is time to knit the pattern. That is the fun part.

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