27 January 2011

Two different projects on the needles - A sweater with collar and a Icelandic Sweater

When I was going through my wool I found the project I started before we moved from Iceland. It was a normal Sweater with a turtle-neck collar. So I felt the urge to finish it, which means that I went from knitting the Icelandic Sweater to this one now for a while. It is not knitted as the Icelandic Sweaters in a round. So I have made one front- and one back piece so far. It is time to do the arms now:

The worst thing is that I do not have enough of turquoise yarn. When I bought them I did not look at the number so I did not get the same colorbatch. It is a little difference. This means that I have to do the collar in another color than the bottomrib. It might look bad. We will see. When I bought the wool I had no project in mind so I just bought something and did not look to closely at the numbers.

Otherwise I have not gotten far with the Icelandic Sweater. I am still knitting on the body. And it takes time.

08 January 2011

Alva was born 20th of December and I knitted a Icelandic hat

Well, it was not long time after my last contribution here that Alva was born. She arrived 20th of December but was planned to 29th of December. So she got to celebrate her very first Christmas very soon after the arrival :)
Then I have actually managed to knit a little bit. I knitted a Icelandic hat from the left-overs of the German guy's sweater. This is the result:

Otherwise I have not done much on my own Icelandic sweater, which I started a while ago. It goes slowly forward. But now in the evenings I actually have some time to do stuff. Olivia and Alva is both sleeping at some point. But then I am also very tired myself :)
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