28 August 2012

More hand knitted socks / woolsocks in Álafoss Lopi wool

I have made 3 other pairs of socks in Álafoss Lopi, 100% Icelandic wool.They are really warm, thick and cosy.
A pair of navy blue/white striped socks in shoe size 47-48:
 Then a pair of dark magenta/white striped socks in size 27:
And lastly a pair of black/white/dark magenta striped socks in size 38-39:
Next plan is to knit a pair for my boyfriend in size 43.

21 August 2012

Handknitted wool socks / socks in Álafoss Lopi wool

I have knitted 2 pairs of socks in Álafoss Lopi wool. Warm and cosy socks. Really thick. Size 45. I made them for a friend. I hope he will like them and that they fit.
One pair is navy blue/ white striped and the other pair is  dark magenta/ black striped.
Here we have the result:

08 August 2012

Scarfs in Can Can and Loopy yarn

When I visites a local yarn store last week I saw some scarfs hanging there. I was a bit excited about knitting something new so I decided to buy yarn and knit some scarfs. I bought one ball of Can Can yarn in blue colors and one ball of Loopy yarn in lilac colors.

They were really quick to knit. I made 4 scarfs out of the 2 balls. Two for my daughter and two for me. This is the result:

And here is how they look while wearing them:
 Now it is time to sew in a zipper in the finished sailing boat sweater. I always wait so long with this since it is not my favourite part.

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