15 November 2013

I have taken up knitting again after half a year :)

Yes, it has been insanely stressful lately. I now work 75% as teacher for adults and at the same time I study 50% (distance studies) and then also running my business "Islina garn och design" (www.islina.se/en)
There is just no time left for having fun. I also have 2 kids to take care of (3 and 5 years old)

But oh it was so nice to pick up the needles. So relaxing. so fun. It has to be more now.

I knitted a pair of socks for my new darling, who I met last summer. Yes, exactly, I forgot to say that I met a new boyfriend during the summer holiday. So of course I have been busy being inlove to ;)

You can do a lot if your name is Lina :) and if you are in love. High of hormones, asg!

Anyway, I have no pic of my socks and now my new sweetheart has used them a lot. After that I made a pair of mouse slippers for my youngest darling daughter Alva. This is how they look like:

It is a strange color but it was anyhow fun to make them. They are crocheted in 2 threds of Plötulopi.

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