23 February 2013

Lots of Icelandic knitted hats in 100% wool - nice and warm

Well, it has been a while since I wrote here. The thins is that I have started to teach in high school and I do not have so much time to knit while I do that. It takes a lot of my time right now. But it will be over in 3 weeks actually.

Anyway, I knitted a couple of hats in January but never put put any pictures of all of them. The blue one I already showed but this one I made for a customer. It was cutsom made. He wanted fleece in it too so I sewed that in and it turned out like this:

It fitted perfectly. The customer was very happy and then I was very happy of course :)

After thatI made a few other hats. 2 for my daughters, one for Johan and 2 for sale.The one for Johan is also felted in the washing machine and it shrinked 2 sizes. It turned out really good. Tight and warm (the one on the top row to the left) He of course does not wear it folded.
Morover I have not so much time to knit these days as I said. But I can see the light..oh yes. I see the day coming when I can just knit and knit until my hands are burning. hahah. Or I long for that day. It will come soon. Every other week I will be able to knit very soon. I just don´t know when.

By the way, are you interested in the knitting pattern it will be available for sale in March. Just look in the web shop: www.islina.se/en

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