24 September 2012

HÄSTHJÄRTA (Horse heart) - Icelandic children sweater with horses and hearts finished - Pattern description done - Woolen socks knitted

Before I started the horse sweater I finished another pair of woolen socks in Álafoss Lopi. they became apple green and pink striped and looks like this:

The horse sweater I call HÄSTHJÄRTA, which means horse hearts in Swedish. This sweater for children 4-14 years is now finished and I really like the outcome. The red colors is so autumn. Horses and hearts are also perfect for little girls. The knitting description can be found in my online webshop. It can be purchased safely by credit card and will be sent as a PDF-file.  Go and look in the  webshop Islina Garn och Design at:
Here is the final picture of the finished sweater. Now I only need to go out with my daughter and put it on a sunny Autumn day to get a nice picture.

At the moment I am knitting anothter SEGEL sweater, which is a Icelandic sweater with sailing boats. I made the last one to small. It was meant for a colleague of my spouse. So I just have to finish this sweater quickly now. I started the body.

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