14 September 2012

More teal socks in Álafoss Lopi (Reynolds Lopi)

I have knitted a few more pair of teal socks / wool socks in Álafoss Lopi. 5 pair actually, but the last 2 pairs are not ready. I need to weave in loose ends and wash them before I take pictures of them. So I will only show 3 of the pairs here.

Here is one of the pairs in size 36, which will be for sale soon:

And then we have 2 other pairs to the right in the picture (the pink-blackish are old):

The blue-greenish socks are for my boyfriend and the brown-blackish socks are for me :)

After I have weaved in all loose ends in the 2 remaining pairs I will knit a Icelandic sweater with horses and hearts for my daughter. It is a design I made myself. It will be interesting to see how it comes out.

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