28 March 2012

Dog sweater number 2 is finished!

I finished dog sweater number 2 a week ago actually. But I got sick with fever and was not able to update my blog nor knit. But yesterday I started to knit again. I started dog sweater number 3. I wil make 4 sizes so I have one more to go after that one.

I like dog sweater number 2 better than the first one. The pattern looks nicer. But I will make some changes for number 3. Or I have already made them since I am almost finished with sweater number 3. I was sitting yesterday evening in the sofa in front of the TV and was just knitting and knitting. I forgot about time and that I needed to go to bed instead.
It was when I heard my darling Johan snoring like a nucelar power plant it came to my mind that maybe I too have to go to sleep. But how can I sleep in that loud noice? Well, I use earplugs when I sleep. It would not work otherwise. I can hear him snore in the bedroom with closed door when I am sitting in the living room.
Today I am pretty tired. But that is life. Sometimes it is too fun to knit.

This is how the second dog sweater looked like before washing:

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