16 March 2012

Icelandic knitted sweater VATNAJÖKULL with hood and zipper

Now the sweater called VATNAJÖKULL is finally finished. It took some time since it was both a hood and a zipper on it. If you knit a regular sweater without hood and zipper the sweater is finished after you have washed it. So good. Otherwise you have to cut it up and then sew in the zipper. And you have to crochet a cord to pass through outer edge of hood.

Anyway, I am really satisfied with the sweater. It looks nice. I made the sweater for a guy in the States. I hope he will like it. I sold it to him today so he will not get it right away. But soon!

It is knitted in Álafoss Lopi, the traditional Icelandic wool and I call the pattern VATNAJÖKULL. I have made it once before for another customer here in Sweden. But this time I made the pattern bigger.

Here is a picture of the finished sweater:

And here is a direct link to my webshop, where it was put up:

After the sweater was finished I started on another dog sweater. A bigger one for a little bit bigger dogs than chihuahua. It will be white. I have never done a white dog sweater before so it will be interesting to see the result.

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