24 September 2009

The vest and a hat are finished and now I am knitting a baby hat for Olivia

I have been sick for about 1,5 week so there has not been much knitting. But I was actually donw with the vest before I got sick but I had no energy to put out a picture. And did not even have a picture taken and I did not want it taken when I looked so sick and miserable. It could have been the swine flu or it could have been a seasonal flu. Who knows? The symptoms are almost the same.
Anyway, I feel almost completely well again, just a little runny nose and some throat problems left. It is not much so now I felt like putting out a picture and write some text in my blog again. This is how the vest looks like:

From the yarn left-overs I made a matching hat. And now I have nothing left of that yarn. Here is a picture of the hat:

And here is picture of me in both the vest and the hat:

And here is the link for the pattern of both the hat and the vest:

Then I also made another square for the baby blanket I am planning to put together. I used a multicolor yarn in pink and lilac. It looked so lovely that I just felt the urge to knit a hat for Olivia in that yarn. And so I did. Here is what I have done so far:

Now I will continue a bit on the hat while Olivia i sleeping. If she does not wake up. And of course I should continue on my Icelandic lopapeysa (pullover) now when I have decided to have buttons on the side of the collar and down to the arm

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