06 September 2009

A charity project finished!

I was supposed to knit on my Icelandic lopapeysa (pullover) but I had a divagation. At the knitting night, Lisa had an idea to start a project where everyone knitting something for children in need. More exactly for the orphans in Bosnia. Her husband soon-to-bee is from Bosnia but they both live in Iceland. I joined the project since I have so much wool lying aound at home and since it is a nice thing to do. I had a couple of balls of grey wool from Sweden lying around at home. They have been there for years now. I did not like them very much myself so it was a perfect choice.
I made a little hooded pullover for a kid about 4 years old. But when I sewed the armes to the body it looked really ugly. I knitted with needles 10 (mm) and a very thick yarn and the wholes looked quite big. But then I found a similar yarn at home; A black thick yarn. I used it to crochet the edges of the arm, the body and the hood and made a small stripe over the ugly seems. Here is the result:

From the front:

From the back:

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