23 October 2009

Picture of knitted baby hat

I finished the baby hat long time ago but I have not gotten a picture up here. So here it comes:

Otherwise it goes slowly forward. I have been doing a lot of handiwork lately. I am embroidering a flower pattern on a piece of fabric, which is becoming a pillow case. Look at my swedish blog if you would like to see some pictures of my handywork (sorry but it is only in Swedish) my

I am almost finished with the lopapeysa for myself by the way. Since I started to work again after maternity leave I do not have so much time anymore. After Olivia has gone to bed in the evening there is not much time left before my own bedtime.

After this lopapeysa I will start on a new lopaeysa called Farmers market lopapeysa. These lopapeysur are very famous in Iceland and are also shipped abroad. I think I will go and buy some wool for that soon.

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