08 September 2009

I have started a new project again

I don't know what is wrong but I do not like it very much to knit on my Icelandic pullover (lopapeysa). Maybe because the yarn is so black and black and black and boring and itchy. I wonder? It might be that it is only black I have been knitting for a while. That is why I started a new project. I wanted to do something quick and thick so I started on waist coat that I found on the site www.dropsdesign.com. Here is the link to the pattern:

I so not use the yarn in the description but mine is similar and I also use 8 mm needles. It is as thick as mu previous sweater with hood. It goes very fast and I enjoy it.
Here is the result so far:

Then I also have my Icelandic pullover to work on. I have at least put on the arms. Now it is time to start the pattern. But I tend to let it lay there in a corner since I am not sure how I will do the zipper. I do not want to have a zipper in the front. I think I will do one on the side, which goes down to the armwhole. Here is how it looks like with the arm attached:

I think I will finish the coat before I continue with the Icelandic lopapeysa.

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