25 August 2009

Been in Sweden again and started on a new smaller project to fit the yarn in my bag

I arrived from Sweden yesterday. Me and my beloved went on a wedding and grandad had to babysit Olivia. It went well. We stayed quite long time in Sweden actually. We left from Iceland last Tuesday and came back yesterday. I had a lovely time in Sollentuna (where my dad lives). It was so nice weather so I took many walks with Olivia in just a tank top. I also walked to two shopping malls not far off. Looked at some wool and bought a ball for crocheting together a baby blanket, which I am working on at the moment. I started the project before we went to Sweden because I new I could not bring a lot of yarn and half a knitted pullover in the bag. It would have taken to much space. I just brought two balls of yellow yarn. I actually made some squares a long time ago but I never put them out on my blog. During my stay in Sweden I only made five yellow squares and before I left I made a blue and a green. So the others on the following picture are old squares:

But before I started these squares i actually made five other squares for another secret gift (another baby blanket of course). We are a few people that made five squares each and when put together it will hopefully be a nice baby blanket. It will be exciting to see the result. I am not putting the squares together. Here is my contribution minus one square:

Now I am going to continue on my Icleandic lopapeysa (pullover) and maybe do one or two squares now and then.

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