02 January 2008

The visit to Sweden is over - I managed to do a lot of knitting.

Me and my boyfriend Johan has just come back to Iceland. We went to Sweden over Christmas and New Years Ewe of course. Johan was prepared for a hectic period with travelling all over. But I did not feel like that. I thought it was really nice. Just ok, not hectic. I felt relaxed. It was maybe because I had my knitting to relax with during the trips (train, airplane). We celebrated Christmas in Stockholm with my dad plus family. After that we went to visit my mum and my sister with family (my niece) in Svenljunga (south Sweden). After that we took the night train up to north Sweden to visit Johans’ family. They live in Strömsund, a small town with about 4000 habitants. So you can say that we almost travelled through whole Sweden.

In Stockholm I even had time for some small shopping. I bought some pair of shoes, some clothes and the rest of the Christmas gifts of course. And I also had the opportunity to meet some friends down town. We also went over to Johans’ brother with family to eat dinner. They live in a suburb of Stockholm.

Wow, all this we did in 10 days. That it actually a lot.
And then I also had time for some knitting. Of course I knitted some of the Christmas gifts.
The scarf for Jonas (my sisters spouse) was finished first. I like the colour. I actually finished it on the airplane from Iceland.
After that I immediately started on a collar for Linneas’ (dad’s wife) mother. I knitted a bit in the evening, the day we arrived, and then also the next two evening before Christmas Ewe. I finished it just in time. It is actually nice looking. It’s made in léttlopi so there is not a need for a lot of yarn. You can actually just take some leftovers.

After that I started to knit a cute little dress for my niece. We went there the 26:th of December. But sadly I did not finish it before we arrived. I finished the last part the 27:th and it turned out really good actually. A perfect fit. A nice little Christmas dress or just for New Years Ewe.

And this is how it look like on:

After that there was time for some gloves. I promised my sister do make her gloves that matched her hat.

After that I made another thing in the series for Jonas. A hat that would fit the scarf.

Then I actually did one more thing, a pair of socks for my mum. I used the rest of the yarn from Jonas’ hat.
They turned out like this:

..and now I guess I’m going to start with the the lopapeysa using the bright red lopi yarn I bought. It will be interesting to see the result. I have to start that tomorrow when we have knitting club.

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