07 January 2008

Forgot to mention a hat I also made before Christmas!

I forgot to put in picture of a hat I also made before Christmas. It was a Christmas gift for Emma (Johans' sister). It turned out to be really soft and confortable. I mixed one thread of mohair with one thread of wool.

And at this very moment I have just started to knit on my lopa sweater with red colour in it. The main colour will be white and then I'll use one or two different brown colours. I haven't knitted that much yet. I have had a lot of other things to do lately. After Christmas I almost felt tired of knitting. I did not do anything since we came home until today. But now it's coming back again. That's how it is. When you finally sit down and start something exciting you just want to continue.

We will see when it will be done. At the moment I'm also knitting on a hat. However, it is not turning out so good. Really weird. I'm just trying something out.

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