31 January 2008

Two lopapeusur ready at the same time plus one scarf

Yes now it was long time ago since I wrote something. I have had my hands full. I started a new job last week and me and Johan bought a car (Suzuki Grand Vitara), a jeep, just in time before I started my new job. Now we are going to work together in the morning and are going home in the evening. And almost every day after work we have been going somewhere to do some errends. For example did we go to differnt bed stores to look at beds and finally we found one bed, which we bought. Now we can finally throw out the bad bad IKEA bed. They are really bad, the worst thing IKEA have. Absolutely too stiff for me and too small for us. It's like lying on a ballon. You can't sleep two in it because it behaves like a bouncing mat. We just roll into the middle and sleep crooked, slanted, sloped grr. Sorry, I got a bit angry.

And to knitting.. I had time to knit of course since last time. I started a lopapeysa (sweater) including the bright red colour, but I could not decide how I was going to do with the pattern, if I should go with 3 or 4 colours. So I just started two sweaters at the same time, one in white, red, dark brown and one in white, red, dark brown and light brown.
Yesterday I sewed on the zipper in one of them. Wow, that took time, the whole evening. But that is just how it is. There are a few steps involved, both with sewing machine and by hand. And in the end you always have to complete it by hand sewing.
The result was really good actually. They turned out to be really nice. I really like the red colour. This is how the first one looks like. I'm wearing it today

I was thinking about writing down what needles and how many stitches I use for my sweaters in a small book plus here at my blog. I really have to do that because it has taken me until now to find the right size for me. I can't remember the measures right now. Well, I will just put them in later.

And by the way, in the middle of my work with the sweater Johan told me that he would really need a scarf. The weater in Iceland suddenly changes. We have a lot of snow now and it's quite cold. At least when the wind is blowing. Well, I said to him that I will immediately start a scarf. I made it in 3 evening. OOh it is quite boring to do scarfs. It is just the same all the time. In the beginning it is ok but after half the scarf is done you are kind of bored. The scarf resembles the one I made as a Christmas gift for Jonas.

Today I plan to sew in the other zipper. I have also started another project. A small baby pullover. But so far I haven't done so much. It takes time when you use needles 2,5 mm. It feels so thin and small compared to the thick lopi yarn.

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EB said...

Hej! I came across your blog while searching for lopapeysa. I love all of the sweaters you knit. I'm about to start my own, and I'm looking for inspiration, so tack :) Also, are you on Ravelry?

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