19 December 2007

The zippers are attached!

Yes, now I have sewed in all the zippers. The first one was the worst one. The pattern is not even. So I had to sew by hand afterwards to try to fix it. I just added some stitches to it too. The patterns is nice anyway. You don't look so closely.
I gave it to Heidas' and Christophs' daughter Emelie. They came over for coffey this Sunday. And I had just in that moment finished it. This is how it looks like:

..and this is how it looks like when she is wearing it:

Then we also have Erics lopapeysa and another one that fits me. They look like this:

The last sweater I hope someone wants. I'm not sure who will get it. I could sell it. I always had this dream that I started my own store where I can sell all my stuff and sell a lot of yarn. It fits me actuallly perfectly (size small but I will give it to my friend Anna in Sweden. When she visited me I promised to make her one. I already have one (a bit to big) and I will definitely make more and more.

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