05 March 2008

Small cute baby sweater finished plus picture of the other Lopapeysa.

It has gone slowly with the knitting the last month since I have had this back pain and neck pain ( I think I got whiplash in a car accident I was in for 4 weeks ago). Because of that I have been very tired after work and do not have the energy to do anything else than lying down in the sofa and watch some TV.
But I have finally finish one little cute sweater for a cute little baby girl. It is for Victoria (Julia’s and Boris’ daughter, only 10 weeks old).
This is how it looks like:

After that I have started a new thing, but that is secret because it is going to be a gift.

And here comes also a picture of the other lopapeysa I made last time. The difference is the rib. It pearl knitted or how you say it in English and then it is one extra color (light brown).
Here is that picture:


Loulek said...

I really like all your icelandic knits!
Where did you find the patterns?

Enginn said...

Tröjan är mycket snygg =)Jag önskar att jag kunde sticka den. =P

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