14 November 2012

Sailing boats are becoming visible!

Well, what to say? It goes slowly. I have studies going on now so there is so much else to think about. I study in the evenings. And that I am lucky to do, since I got highest grades on my last exam (and first distance course). It is a distance education to become a teacher. I read pedagogy (teaching technologies) for 1 year more, which becomes 2 years since I am only reading 50% of the time. Half-time studies. I have the chemistry and technology credits already. Need only teaching technologies.
Now it depends on me if I can keep the same level on my studies. I just need to continue study evenings.
So knitting is being done now and then. I might knit 2 rounds per evening on the Sweater below.
So here we soon have some sailing boats finished:
I also have another thing going on. I am joining a online Advent Calender with a free pattern from my company (Islina Garn och Design). I am the designer of course.
So I have been writing that down and now I only need to take a picture of the finished stitchcraft.

Now it is time for me to eat lunch and then work a bit before i pick up the kids from kindergarten.

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