09 April 2012

Two new knitted Dog Sweaters finished - I am not completely satisfied

I finished the 3rd dog sweater, which I started last Month and then I made one more. Here is the picture of dog sweater number 3:
I like it a bit. Not completely. What I still do not like is the figures in the middle of the pattern. And the collar might have gotten a bit too long. I wanted to try something new. However, the ribbing around the stomach I like a lot. That ribbing will definitely be in the final pattern, which I will put in my webshop. In the 4th dog sweater I made the same kind of ribbing, just a bit broader and I also changed color. Wanted to see how it looked like with contrast. Then I also tried to put in something else in the middel of the pattern. I am not that satisfied with it. People, who like big contrasts might like it. This is how it looks like:
Since I am not completely satisfied with my design I have to do another one. I will start it today. I was thinking about putting in dpg bones in the middle of the pattern. I will try that. And I will go with the white ribbing. Not a contrasting color. I might try a light grey to the body. We will see.

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