07 February 2012

Icelandic sweater with skulls for children

I have had a period of inactivity when it comes to knitting. I have not been very interested in knitting over the last 3 weeks. But now when I am finally finished with the Icelandic sweater with skulls for a 8-9 year old it feels like it could be more fun to knit again. Somehow it was not fun to knit that sweater. It took so long time to finish it. Now I can finally do something else. It is being washed in this very moment. It is lying in conditioner right now to get more soft. Then it only needs to dry flat and I have to put in a zipper. I also have to sho0t a cover for the pattern since I am selling it later in my webshop (www.islina.se/en). I will take a picture of my neighbour's son wearing it.

This is how the sweater looked like for 40 minutes ago:

We will se if I can get a little bit more productive the coming Month. I will at least finish my darling's wool underpants as soon as I can. He is biking to work in -10 degrees celcius and it gets a bit cold sitting on the bicycle seat.


Vala said...

That's an amazing pattern!

Tonje M said...

Realt nice. I working with somthings like that.421

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