14 February 2012

Knitted and felted underpants in 2 threads of Plötulopi

I have now finished the wool underpants for my boyfriend. He will get them today on Valentine's Day. They actually turned out better than I imagined after felting them. It works really good to felt plötulopi.

I knitted in 2 threads of Plötulopi and felted in the washing machine at 40 ºC (104 ºF) with a little bit of detergent and a pair of jeans. They shrank 20 %. From a lenght of about 40 cm to a lenght of 32 cm.

Here is a picture of the underpants before felting:

And here is picture after felting:

Now I just hope they fits my boyfriend. We will see tonight. I checked with a pair of his normal underpants. They should be fine.

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