22 January 2012

My unfinished knitting projects

I just wanted to make an update about my on-going projects. I have actually 3 projects going on right now. The I am trying to finish is a Sweater for a 8 years old. Take a look at the picture and guess which one it is? It is a Sweater I have made before but for a grown-up.
It goes slowly with the knitting at the moment. I only knit a few rounds every evening.

I am also trying to finish the shorts I am making for my darling. But I am not getting anywere really. If I did not tell you what it was on the picture I think it is very difficult to see. I am knitting them from top to bottom. So next step is to start to knit the legs.

And for a long time ago I started to knit a Sweater for a 1 year old. I forgot about it for a while but I will soon take it up again. Nothing has happened here for about 2 months I thinkt. What a small body it is:

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