01 August 2009

Back from the holiday and here is Olivia's cute pink lopapeysa (knitted sweater)

Yes, now we have been in Sweden for a month on vacation. We traveled all around and visited relatives so they all could meet our litte Olivia. That is why I have not been updating my blog for a long time. First we were in the capital of Sweden (Stockholm), then Svenljunga (450 km south), then on the countryside outside Vallsta in Hälsingland (650 km north) and last in Strömsund in Jämtland (350 km more north). I finished the sweater just before we left from Svenljunga and headed for Hälsingland. Or actually I sewed on the cute buttons I found in Svenljunga during the car trip when I was not driving. It went extremely well with all the car trips in Sweden. The trip from Svenljunga to Hälsingland took 12h and Olivia was so nice in the car. Slept a lot and played with her toys. On the way we also stopped 1h at a friends place and of course we had many small stops along the road. Olivia is just 7 months old by the way.

In Hälsningland it could become a bit chilly in the evenings and even during daytime if the weather was not the best so then it was perfect to put on the little lopapeysa (sweater). Here is how it looks like:

And this is how it looks like on Olivia:

Then I had a lot of yarn left so I got the idea to make a afghan blanket (I think you call them that). I have seen them in many places and was quite interested in doing one myself. I started to crochet some squares. I just two threads together of the plötu lopi yarn and needles no 5. They turned out to be quite thick but I like it. And now after I made a few squares I changed my mind about doing a blanket. I will do a bedspread instead for Olivia, which she can have later when she has a bigger bed. I am not sure thought if I am doing it correctly since I had no pattern for making the squares. I just tried something out of the air and I think it looks quite ok:

Then I also started to knit on a new lopapeysa for myself (sweater). The old one I have is too small at the moment since I am 12kg heavier than before I got pregant. It is quite tight fit on it and it is difficult to zip it up over the stomach. I like tight sweaters. So now I will soon have a new one that will match up with Olivia's pink one. Mine will be black with white and pink in the pattern. And then I will have a zipper on one side of the shoulder. I have only started on the body so far. It is going slowly forward. I look forward to do the pattern. But first I have 12 more centimeters of the body to knit and then the arms. I just knit a few rounds every day. It gets to painful to knit to much. At the moment my fingers are very stiff. So this sweater will probably take a while. But since I am back in Iceland again I will start going on knitting nights again. So on wednesday it is knitting at my place. Maybe I will get something done then. This is how the result looks like so far:

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Eric said...

She looks adorable in her new sweater. Very cute.

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