15 December 2007

The Vest is finished!

Yes, now it was a while ago since I wrote something. I have been totally busy trying to find Christmas presents. It has been going slowly. Of course I also knit some gifts but I have to buy a lot too since I have 5 siblings and some of them had birthdays too. And then I also have a cute little niece . By the way my bright blue vest is finished:

It is really nice. I like the color. I wore at work yesterday. It was fun. They thought it looked nice. Some people don’t like these bright colors but I think it is really cool with strong colors. Andreas ( a Danish guy from the university) came over to us yesterday to watch a movie. He said: Oh, oopss, what a color. But he does not even like wool stuff. He would never wear a wool sweather he said. No hats, no sweathers no nothing. Here is another picture in brighter light:

Then I also started on some small projects. But it goes slowly forward. I have had a lot of activities at work lately: Christmas smorgasbord table, Christmas lunch, Christmas workshop (making Christmas decoration etc. And then Johan’s’ work had Christmas dinner. I have also been running around in stores in the evenings. And one evening I baked Lucia buns (Lussebullar in Swedish), a Swedish specialty, that you always do around Christmas and especially at Lucia (13th of December). Then I deciced to make another batch for work. So I made the dought at home and baked them out at work. My boss picked me up with the dough in a bowl. And then I also started to go to the gym three times a week in the evenings. At least 2 times a week but I aim for 3.
I started to knit a scarf, which will be a Christmas gift, in 3 threads of Plötulopi (Unspun yarn, therefore cheaper). It turns out to be very thick and warm.

Then I also made a hat. Have no picture on it yet. I will take a picture soon. No, I made 2 hats. The first one was finished for 1,5 week ago, I think. It was a new thing I tried. It turned out really soft. Almost too soft. I used one yarn in 100 % Mohair and one 3-colored yarn in 100% wool. This is the kind of hat that a baby could wear actually. I knitted with needles 7 mm. Should have used needles 6 mm. But it is ok:

Today I have to sew on the zippers for the sweaters from the last blog contribution. It will take some time. So I guess I will not have the force to do them all. It is actually my Birtday today. I’m turning 27 already. The worst thing is that I’m sick. Have a sour throat and I´m hoarse like a crow. I don’t think I’m fit for fight to go out for a dinner. We were supposed to do that tonight. But we will save it for later.
Well, last weekend I went to Álafoss (the best yarn store in Iceland). They have the largest selection of colors. I went with Lára (Icelandic girl). The thing is that when I go there I can’t hold my horses. I just have to by a lot of stuff, even if I already have too many bags of yarn at home. I always get so good ideas when I see all the colors. They have so many odd colors, which they don’t have in town. For example the bright blue one for my vest.
Now I saw a bright red one that just had to buy, really nice to do something with. So I bought yarn for a whole lopapeysa of course. It might be a brown one. Haven’t decided yet.

I also bought some other balls of yarn. A lot of Mohair and some glitter yarn. I want to knit some nice hats when I have the time for that.
Now I have to continue with my Christmas gifts. I’m going to knit a dress for my niece. I have to start tomorrow, because it is only one week left.

No, I have to start get going with my zippers now.

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VT Mamma said...

I love love love the blue vest! I live in Vermont and need to stay as warm as you do and that is stylish and functional. Did you design it? If not, I'd love to buy/find the pattern somewhere... Great knitting!

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