28 May 2012

Cute dog in Icelandic knitted dogsweater

I found a dog model and shooted some pictures of the dog in my knitted sweater here outside our house. I just have to show the pictures. One of the sweaters I had already made fitted the dog, whos name is Enzo. Enzo is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and of course I gave the sweater to him when I had taken my pictures.
Here are 2 pictures of him in the sweater:

Are you interested in knitting this pattern you can buy it from me in my webshop as a PDF-file. I also knit on order and sell finished hand-knitted sweaters. Just check it out here:

The pattern itself can be found under Electronic Patterns - PDF

Other than this I have not done som much when it comes to knitting. There is just so much else to do at the moment. And I have been a bit low-pitched lately. Tired and low. That is just how it is sometimes. I am still working on my mittens, which I am going to put in the washing machine soon, to be felted. I just need to crochet something nice onto them first.

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