27 December 2011

Knitted Love Mitten - for 2

My brother got his gift but has not opened it yet since he was celbrating Chirstmas with his dad (we have not the same dad). He will open it today when my mum and sister are visiting him. We will see what he says. It is for him and his girlfriend of course. He may not know what it is. It is a love mitten: a mitten for 2 people. You just stick your hand in together with your girlfriend´s hand and you will be able to hold hands inside the mitten. Cosy!
I have to knit one for me and my darling too.
This is how the mitten looks like:

It is available for sale in Swedish via this link:

Now during Christmas I have also knitted a pair of mitten in Álafoss Lopi. It resembles the well known Lovika mittens (well known in Sweden at least). I will put out a pattern for sale in english in my webshop very soon. I just need to wash them and take a picture then they are complete. I used brown as main color. I will soon put out a picture of the result.
I so want to knit a pair of blackish grey for my self soon.

Right now I am knitting a pair of shorts in wool for my boyfriend. He is going by bike to work almost every day even in the winter. And his ass gets a bit cold he says. So this is just perfect for him. He can use them over his regular underwear while he is biking to work.

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