22 December 2011

2 new Icelandic Sweaters for dogs finished!

I have knitted 2 more Sweaters for dogs. One i size Medium and one i size Large. They are washed and ready to be bought. I have put them out for sale in the webshop. This is how they look like:

For sale at this link:

And this one can be found for sale at this link:

After that I have also started to knit a Christmas gift. I started the day before yesterday and I will be done this evening. It is a mitten for two. A lovemitten. It will be a gift to my brother and his new girlfriend. I will put out a picture as soon as I have one. I have also a small baby sweater in Álafoss Lopi going on. But I have not done much on it since I started with the dog sweaters.

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